The green industry is calling

Learning the landscaping profession in practice + learning Danish at the same time is both meaningful, rewarding, and motivating! And right now, 18 students are engaged in it😊. Jordbrugets UddannelsesCenter Ã…rhus and Sprogcenter Midt are collaborating on a 6-week course, where a group of Ukrainian students is introduced to the landscaping profession while simultaneously being…

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How do you learn Danish and IT simultaneously?

How are digital skills integrated into Danish language teaching from start to finish, especially with learners who may have never used a computer before? We had the opportunity to talk about it in an exciting webinar organized by the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration (SIRI), where four development projects on digital didactics in…

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When volunteers contribute to the students’ learning, they are constantly learning themselves

Volunteers are an integral part of everyday life at Sprogcenter Midt, where they make an indispensable contribution to accomplishing a significant collective task. Around 30 enthusiastic local citizens daily make a valuable impact across our three departments by supporting students in their efforts to learn Danish. The volunteers come to help and share their knowledge,…

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When Dreams Come True

We easily imagine that when highly educated professionals and specialists from other countries find employment and settle in Denmark, it is due to poorer working conditions, salary conditions, and employment situations in their home countries. Perhaps we overlook that a sense of adventure and a desire for exploration can be strong motivators for the wish…

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Foreign employees create ties through local community groups and democracy

Our foreign employees’ positive experiences of living and working in Denmark and participating in local community life is very much based on their involvement with the local school and the extensive system of clubs and associations. Both aspects create important ties among the youth, adults, and serve to engage newcomers and new citizens. Equally important,…

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Sometimes something completely different is needed…

The married couple Nina Piletska and Yuriy Ivancheskul from Ukraine are both blind. This means that both the language and culture in their new country, Denmark, are more challenging to understand and assimilate. However, Skanderborg Municipality has established Danish lessons as a special offering for the two citizens in collaboration with Sprogcenter Midt. And a…

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Carefully considered digital methods not only benefit the development of students’ digital skills but also contribute positively to the learning community!

That digital methods can help strengthen the learning community is an interesting and surprising aspect of our work in developing digital methods in teaching at Sprogcenter Midt. Digital tools and methods make it easy to share and collaborate on texts, images, and audio in a natural flow in teaching. Establishing common writing processes and feedback…

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Methods that work

Continuing education for all our teachers in Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) has a significant impact on our students' learning. When both newly trained and experienced teachers delve into this approach, refining their methods and cultivating their teaching techniques, it results in growth and improved quality. We asked two of ourteachers what the SFL training provides…

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Digital skills: Unavoidable

Digital skills are unavoidable. Therefore, for the past 1½ years, we have been systematically working on integrating IT literacy and digital competence into Danish language teaching at DU2. Our goal is to develop new methods and didactics so that students learn Danish using IT as a tool. This ranges from gaining control over a mousepad…

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A good example

Alexander, Elena, Daniel R, and Daniel attend Danish lessons during working hours at their workplace. DKI Logistic in Horsens has prioritized Danish lessons for their international employees during working hours since summer 2022 and currently has three classes each week. The company aims to strengthen everyday language skills, sense of belonging, job satisfaction, and community…

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