We are proud and humble

Learning is a mental process about jeopardizing oneself, experimenting, wondering and challenging oneself. Learning is an individual cognitive as well as a social process, which often requires "blood, sweat and…

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First students in Studenterhus Aarhus to pass Exam in Danish 3

Congratulations to all the students from our classes in Studenterhus Aarhus, who in December passed the final Exam in Danish 3

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Online teaching is an effective and flexible way to learn Danish

In a busy everyday life, it can be difficult to find time to learn Danish. Santiya Thomas participates in one of our 'Danish Online' classes, and she has chosen pure…

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Project “SOSU subjects and language” prepares the participants for education and work in the health sector

The urgent need for more employees in the health sector has led Horsens and Hedensted municipalities to jointly establish a project called "SOSU subjects and languages". They have employed a…

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New development project – “IT literacy and digital didactics”

Possessing digital skills is an important prerequisite for being perceived and experiencing oneself as a "full-fledged citizen" in Denmark. Digital skills are essential when dealing with a wide range of…

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Higher quality for citizens and relatives when employees in the care area learn Danish

Every Thursday, Jadranka, Zhihong, Elzsebeth, Hong Li and Aneta together with their colleagues participate in Danish lessons at Sprogcenter Midt, before or after they report to their work at the…

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Network and cooperation on jobs and languages ​​for Ukraine in Horsens

How can Sprogcenter Midt help companies recruit qualified candidates for vacant positions and retain skilled employees? The issue has become particularly important now with the Ukrainian refugees. Most of them…

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