Danish Courses

More opportunities for community through a shared language

Danish language gives you opportunities

  • for your future in Denmark
  • for the job of your dreams

  • for the friendships you want to make

  • for the life you want to live

With us you will find Danish courses that are tailored to meet your language needs and develop your language skills. You can choose between different times and ways to learn Danish, so that it suits you and your commitments in relation to work, studies and family.

Learn Danish during day, evening and Saturday

We offer free courses at all levels.

The courses take place during the day, in the evening or on Saturdays, so you have the opportunity to learn Danish when it suits you.

Our courses will give you language skills and an understanding of Danish culture, which will help you in your communication with Danes. It strengthens you in your daily life and in your career in Denmark.

  • You learn Danish through interactive and dynamic teaching, where you practice conversation in groups or in pairs, through discussion and in role plays

  • You gain an in-depth understanding of the Danish language through instructions, exercises and individual feedback

  • You develop your skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing, while also learning about Danish culture and Danish society

  • You can hand in your written work digitally and get feedback on our digital learning platform. Here you can also access all teaching material, extra exercises, links and audio files, so you can improve your skills through self-studies at the same time.

  • We offer Danish courses at all levels and courses with different language goals. In order for you to participate in the right team, we need to know your level and your language goals before you start.

    We prioritize great flexibility, so you can start when you are ready. You therefore have an individual teaching plan. You will participate in a team with other students with similar level and goals, and the teacher ensures that you have a language community where you can inspire and help each other.

  • We offer Danish courses at many different times during the week.

    • Day classes two days a week in everyday life: Learn Danish, where you have time for project work and to immerse yourself in the Danish language

    • Saturday class: Learn Danish on Saturdays if you are busy during the week and appreciate the peace and quiet of learning Danish at the weekend

    • Evening classes two evenings a week on weekdays: Learn Danish together with others who appreciate a certain pace and the opportunity to learn Danish right after work

    • Classes at Campus AU or Campus VIA: Learn Danish together with others who are related to the same educational institution as you.

    Sign up for a course where it suits you: Horsens, Herning, Skanderborg or Århus.

  • Before you can start, you must speak to one of our student counsellors. The interview gives you a guarantee that you will learn Danish in a class that suits your level and your needs.

    If you have been in Denmark for less than 5 years, you can probably have your Danish tuition paid for by your local municipality. Read more here.

    If you already speak and understand Danish at a level that allows you to participate in a conversation in Danish, you can take part in our free courses where you can improve your reading, writing and spelling in Danish. The courses are called FVU Danish and FVU start. Read more here.

FVU-Danish and FVU-start

FVU Danish and FVU start are free courses for you who can already speak and understand Danish at a basic level, but who want to get better at reading and writing Danish.

The teaching is based on your needs and the language you can use at work and in leisure. It strengthens your understanding of the Danish language and Danish culture, and gives you skills that help you in your everyday life.

At FVU-start, you strengthen your vocabulary and your linguistic correctness. The course focuses on spoken and written Danish, which is relevant to you in your everyday life. In order to participate, you must be able to hold small conversations in Danish.

FVU Danish strengthens your vocabulary, your reading speed and improves your writing. You can participate in FVU Danish when you have passed FVU start or have a similar level.

At FVU-Danish, you obtain skills in reading, writing and using different texts that are relevant to you in your everyday life. The texts can be messages, letters, e-mails, magazines, newspapers, instructions or texts from your workplace.

  • Before you can start at FVU, you must complete a short test that shows your level.

    For FVU start, the test consists of you talking to a supervisor and telling about yourself, about why you want to go to FVU and what your plans are for the future. You must also read a text and write an e-mail or a text about yourself.

    For FVU-Danish, the test consists of an electronic screening and a writing task on paper. The screening consists of three parts: A reading task, a task in word knowledge and a task in hearing the sounds of the letters.

    If you have participated in FVU within the past two years, you must speak to a supervisor who will assess whether you can start without being tested again.

  • FVU courses are divided into 5 levels; FVU start and steps 1-4.

    At FVU start:

    • You read and write small texts and gain a larger vocabulary
    • You learn the sounds of the letters and the spelling rules, and get better at spelling words correctly
    • You learn Danish grammar and gain a deeper understanding of the Danish language

    At FVU Danish level 1-4:

    • You will gain a larger vocabulary and become better at formulating yourself
    • You learn Danish grammar so you can write more correctly
    • You become faster at reading and at understanding what you read
    • You can prepare for an education or a course in Danish

    Each level has 40-80 lessons. You can finish each step with a state-guaranteed step test.

  • We have FVU courses during the day and in the evening, and in Horsens also on Saturdays.

    Sign up for a course where it suits you: Horsens, Herning or Skanderborg.

One-on-one tuition

Do you want to work intensively with your personal language challenges?

We offer one-on-one tuition, where you yourself agree on the content and methods of the teaching with the teacher. You decide the time and place.

In one-on-one lessons, you meet with a teacher who only focuses on your language needs and goals. It is an efficient and flexible way to learn Danish, and you are largely responsible for your progression. In order for you to get the most out of one-on-one tuition, it is important to:

  • You are prepared and have made it clear what you want to get better at
  • You can give examples from your everyday life in the language you want to improve/master
  • You have time to work with the language independently between your lessons
  • You clearly give feedback to your teacher along the way about what works well for you
  • Our tutors have great expertise in teaching individually or in small groups, organizing lessons individually and helping students achieve results quickly.

    With one-on-one tuition, you can get focused support from a teacher so that you can improve your personal language goals. This can be pronunciation, sentence construction and grammar, precision in work emails, nuanced vocabulary for certain situations and much more.

  • With one-on-one tuition, you get focused support from a teacher so that you can improve your personal language goals. This can be pronunciation, sentence construction and grammar, precision in work emails, nuanced vocabulary for certain situations and much more.

  • As a starting point, we agree on a course of min. 8 lessons. Along the way, you and the teacher agree what you specifically want to focus on, and the teacher gives you feedback and tools to train your language goals in everyday life.

    Price, place and time are agreed before starting.

    Contact us to find out more and to agree on the time and place for your teaching.

Intensive Danish

Do you want intensive teaching and are you ready to spend 3 weeks full-time in July or August learning Danish?

On our “Summer Speed” course, you complete a three-week module. The teaching is intensive, and you have fun together with the other participants, while learning Danish.

With ‘Summer Speed’ you get:

  • Danish education, which is based on topics about Danish culture and society
  • Option to pass a module during the three weeks
  • Dynamic and experienced teachers who use pair and group work and who give ongoing feedback
  • Blended teaching that gives you both a community with other students and the opportunity to flexibly organize your day

To participate, you must: 

  • Could spend at least six hours every day for three weeks learning Danish
  • Be ready to complete the module and take a module test on the last day of the course
  • The course combines classroom teaching with online self-study. This means that every day you have lessons in your team and that you have to do assignments and exercises at home.

    For classroom teaching, you can:

    • Practice language structures together with other students at the same level as you
    • Train your oral skills and get feedback from the teacher
    • Have fun with others while you learn Danish

    For online classes you can:

    • View your lesson plans, instructional videos and assignments
    • Download assignments that you have to work on independently and send to your teacher to get individual feedback
    • Access a large number of additional materials, exercises and links
  • We hold Summer Speed ​​in Horsens and Aarhus at different times and for different levels.

    See more and register for the courses in Horsens or Aarhus

  • If you have been in Denmark for less than five years, you can probably have your Danish tuition paid for by your local municipality. Read more here.

    If you are already a student at Sprogcenter Midt, you can participate in Summer Speed ​​as in our other courses, however, on the condition that you are going to or have just started a new module.

Danish for dyslexics

It can be difficult to learn Danish if you are a dyslexic.

We offer supplementary courses for dyslexia to all students with dyslexia who can speak and understand some Danish.

We offer free tuition for adult dyslexics.

The teaching takes place in small groups with individually planned courses that suit you and your goals.

Teams are set up as needed day, evening and Saturday, and there are 5-6 participants in each team.

  • In order for you to participate in the lessons, you must have an interview and test with a supervisor who assesses whether dyslexia education is the right offer for you.

    Contact a supervisor in Horsens, Herning or Skanderborg to hear more.

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