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Professional and accurate communication

Because a shared language makes a difference

A shared language opens up opportunities for better utilization of your employees’ skills and development potential.

It promotes better collaboration across the workforce, increased efficiency, higher retention, and improved well-being in your workplace.

We are specialized in organizing Danish courses that precisely match your needs, taking into account your industry, tasks, and workplace culture.

Contact us to learn more about how Danish courses can be financed by public funding, and how you can apply for a wage loss compensation if the Danish courses take place during working hours.

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Danish courses at all levels

We offer Danish lessons for you and your colleagues when you want Danish tuition together in a group.

A course can be held at the workplace, at one of our departments, online or as a combination. At the same time, we can organize the Danish tuition so that it fits your working hours. It gives full flexibility in relation to a busy working week.

We offer courses at all levels.

We offer you and your colleagues a Danish course which suits your level and needs.

Before starting the tuition, the teacher visits your company and learns about your work and your workplace. The teacher integrates the findings into the course, so that you among other things learn:

  • Danish to speak and understand the language at your workplace and in your industry
  • Danish to participate in small talk and socializing with colleagues
  • Danish to talk with your employer about your ideas and how you would like to contribute to the workplace
  • An understanding of written and unwritten rules in the workplace and how they are expressed in everyday communication
  • A Danish course for employees can be free of charge for the company.

    Employees who have come to Denmark within the last five years can probably have their tuition paid for by their municipality, read more here.
    Employees who speak and understand some Danish can participate in the state-funded FVU Danish. FVU stands for ‘Preparatory adult education’. Read more here. 

    Regardless of whether the course is paid for by the municipalities of the employees, the state or the company, an application can be made for wage loss compensation (SVU) if the course takes place during working hours.

    Book our business consultant for a non-binding meeting where you can hear more about opportunities and financing.

  • Before starting Danish lessons, the language level of all participants must be ascertained.
    This guarantees you that the teaching is based on the needs of the participants.
    At the same time, it provides an overview of opportunities for public funding.

    Our business consultant is ready to coordinate the assessments so that they take place in the workplace at times that fit into youre employees’ daily routines.

  • “It is important to us that our employees can act in everyday life without language barriers. In addition, we believe that it increases the well-being of all employees when handovers and the more private conversation during breaks can take place in one language, where everyone can participate on an equal footing”.

    HR manager Jeanette Karulf, McBride

    Employees at McBride have many different nationalities. All employees communicate in Danish but at their own basic level. The company wishes to improve their Danish skills for understanding verbal instructions and reading manuals and infoscreens. As the employees already know some Danish, they are offered the state-funded FVU Danish at the workplace and during working hours. The company receives wage loss compensation (SVU) and a grant from the company’s own competence development fund. In that way all expenses are covered.

Taylored solutions

When you have specific language requirements or goals, we can tailor our Danish tuition to meet your individual needs.

Teaching takes place one-on-one or in small groups and you get focused support from a teacher.

A tailor-made course allows you to work towards your personal language goals at the pace that suits you and with exercises that match your goals.

A tailor-made course at your workplace helps you communicate in Danish with colleagues, managers and customers. Within short time you will experience that the tailored Danish tuition strengthens your communication in the workplace.

The course is very intensive and both you and your colleagues will quickly experience a progression. You can speed up the pace by practicing the Danish  you learn in the course and use it in your workplace on a daily basis.

There is great flexibility in the teaching and in the organization of it. Usually the teacher comes to your workplace, so you don’t have to spend time on transportation yourself. The teaching can also be organized as a blended course or as 100% online. It gives you access to online tasks, exercises and videos and gives you the flexibility to study Danish independently when it suits you.

Price, place and time are decided before starting.

Contact us for a non-binding conversation about your options and wishes.

  • You and your the teacher decide before and during the course what you specifically should focus on.
    The goal is to strengthen your professionalism and your self-confidence and increase the match between your Danish skills and your work assignments.

    The theme of the tuition can be pronunciation, sentence construction and grammar, accuracy in work emails, nuanced vocabulary for certain situations, communication with customers and much more. During the course, you get continuous feedback and tools to practice your language goals in everyday life.

    During the course, we recommend that you make an agreement with a work colleague to be your Danish partner. By practicing with a partner, you can have fixed times or situations to practice the language you have learned, and you can get input on how to continue to set new goals for yourself.

  • In order to tailor the Danish tuition, we initially organise a meeting where all agreements of the course is settled.

    At the meeting, we decide the overall goals for the course, the initial content and the practical organization, including time, place and period. After the meeting, all agreements are specified in a written contract. The course fee is charged before the course starts.

    A course with tailor-made Danish tuition is usually 8-20 lessons for the first period, depending on your wishes and the number of participants. The tuition period can be extended by agreement upon evaluation.

    Contact us for a non-binding conversation about your options and wishes.

  • “It is a gift for our international employees to participate in Danish tution. They attain a foundation for becoming part of the workplace and all the social things that come with it. It is in itself a social contribution”.
    HR-Partner Elizabeth Nørgaard Sørensen, hummel.

    Hummel wants to attract and retain an international workforce. The corporate language is English, but Danish is also spoken at the headquarters in Aarhus. To ensure that the internationals thrive at work and in leisure, three employees and one spouse are offered specially arranged Danish lessons. The employees themselves define their language goals and when and how they want the tuition. The course consists of face-to-face teaching combined with online teaching, which fits well into an otherwise busy working week.

    “We want employees and colleagues who are open for development. We want that all can participate in the chat in Danish around the ‘coffee machine’. It provides the best possible basis for personal and common competence development”.
    Warehouse manager Allan Ravn, Rema 1000

    Rema 1000 has four employees who, despite good knowledge of Danish, are not using the Danish language enough during the workday. In order to become more confident in daily communication and in writing work emails, the company offers them tailored Danish tuition at the workplace. The course is very flexible and is adapted to the working hours and individual language goals. The employees enjoys the intensity of the course and quickly experience a progression to the delight of both themselves and Rema 1000.

Mathematics, english and IT

Do you and your colleague want to become more proficient at maths, English or IT?

Expectations and demands in the workplace are changing rapidly with internationalization and digitalisation. It can be difficult as an employee to learn new skills while at the same time keeping up with the work assignments. It is therefore a good idea to have a course at the workplace.

Contact us and hear more about our free courses.

We offer free state-funded FVU courses (preparatory adult courses)  in English, IT and mathematics.

The courses can be offered to all employees, and there are only two prerequisites for participation:

  • You must be able to speak Danish at a basic level in everyday conversations
  • Your skills cannot exceed the highest level in the subject you wish for

The content of the FVU course is organized to meet the goals of you and your colleagues, and the demands you experience in the workplace.

We are specialized in teaching adults and know that teaching should be fun, with practical examples and with  opportunities to share experiences with the subject from you everyday life.

Before starting the course, you and your colleagues must be screened in order to establish your needs and level.

  • Do you also find mathematics and arithmetic difficult? And do some of your colleagues experience the same?

    Then talk to your manager or staff representative (TR) about getting a course in mathematics in the workplace. In the course, you and your colleagues become better at:

    • Everyday calculations, arithmetic and figuring out how to solve mathematical problems.
    • Calculating in assignments at your workplace. It can for example concern dosage, recipes, budgets, salaries and purchases.
    • The language associated with mathematics, for example quantity, measurements, geometry, economics and time.

    The course takes as point of departure in what is relevant at your workplace and your learning goals. It is organized with 40-80 lessons and can be prolonged upon agreement.

  • Have you also experienced that English has increasingly become part of your daily life at work?

    If you and your colleagues need a brush-up of your English skills, you can get an English course at the workplace. It makes you more comfortable speaking English and you become better at:

    • Participating in telephone conversations, small talk and conversations with colleagues and customers
    • The specific vocabulary and phrases which you need in your workplace and in your line of business.
    • To read and write e-mails, safety instructions, instructions and other texts at your workplace

    The course takes a point of departure in the way you use English in the workplace and your personal learning goals.
    The course is organized with 30-40 lessons and can be prolonged upon agreement.

  • Is IT also given a high priority at your workplace? And do you, like so many others, find it challenging to keep up?

    Then a course in IT might be an option for you and your colleagues. In this course you can get to the forefront of IT, getting better at:

    • Using digital tools and various apps for digital self-service
    • Communicating digitally using e-mail, intranet, calendar sharing and online meeting platforms
    • Searching for information on the web and understand security on the internet
    • Organizing data such as documents, photos, budgets so that you can easily find and use them.

    The takes a point of departure in the demands and the use of English in your workplace as well as your individual learning goals.
    The course is organized with 30-40 lessons and can be prolonged upon agreement.

We collaborate with companies all over Jutland

 We collaborate with companies who aim for better communication and cooperation at the workplace. Collaboration can be on short-term or long-term and have many different objectives. We are always open to new collaboration with companies. Just contact us if collaboration could be relevant to you.

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