About us

We make a difference

We are proud to make a difference for all internationals who come to Denmark to work, live and live.

We teach Danish as a second language and FVU, and we offer specially designed courses to strengthen communication at work and in everyday life.

We believe that Danish skills help connect internationals in Denmark with their colleagues, Danish friends, neighbors and the local community.

Our purpose and values

Since 1988, we have made a difference for many internationals in Denmark. We have 25 years of experience in teaching Danish as a second language, and we always develop our teaching practice in line with the latest research and digital developments. We place great emphasis on building networks and collaborating with companies, educational institutions, public institutions as well as municipalities where internationals live and work.

Our group of employees counts around 50 teachers, all of whom have the relevant further training in teaching Danish as a second language for adults and FVU-Danish for adults. They work professionally and with great expertise with the students’ progression and motivation through an inclusive and appreciative learning environment.

Our business partners

We strengthen communication in the workplace and the individual’s experience of citizenship in Denmark.

From our three departments in Horsens, Herning and Skanderborg, we collaborate with:

  • Municipalities on Danish education and integration of new citizens

  • Companies on the development of Danish skills in international employees and communication in the workplace

  • Educational institutions with language requirements for their bilingual students

  • Aarhus University and VIA University College to teach their international students and staff

Management and board

We are an independent educational institution independent of economic and political interests, and we work every day to strengthen language and general competences.

Our board is responsible for the top management of our organization. Our director, together with our management group consisting of education and administration managers, is responsible for the day-to-day operations.

  • Mette Hedegaard Jørgensen

    2971 7061

    Lone Bruun Mathiassen

    Administrative manager
    3045 0655

    Bodil Schjemte Jensen

    Education manager, Horsens
    6170 6459

    Admir Muratovic

    Education manager, Herning
    2522 9743

    Eva Bech Hansen

    Education manager, Skanderborg
    2521 1316

  • Torben Busk

    Former director for Business Horsens

    Elsebeth Bertelsen

    (Vice chairman)
    Former department head, Jobcenter Odder

    Adnan Nikontovic

    Appointed by Horsens City Council

    Hans Christian Knudsen

    Director of Employment,
    Hedensted Municipality

    Jørgen Erlandsen

    Former employment manager
    in Skanderborg Municipality

    Kenneth Mikkelsen

    Member of Parliament (V)

    Lisbeth Katborg Bjerre

    Head of communication,
    student life and internationalisation,
    VIA University College, Campus Aarhus

    Per Andersen

    Former consultant
    for ‘Netværkslokomotivet’

    Svend Lycke

    COO, Steel Products A/S

    Torben Larsen

    CEO, Give Steel A/S

    Malene Storm Larsen

    Employee representative

Collaboration with companies

Many internationals come to Denmark because they have been employed by a Danish company. We help companies ensure communication and common language in the workplace.

We actively cooperate with Danish companies that employ international employees. Our business consultant is always ready with advice and coordination, and can help with applications for public funding of Danish courses.

Contact us and hear about

  • Tailor-made proposals for how courses can be organised and adapted to the company’s wishes and the employees’ language needs.
  • Outline of timeframe, coordination and placement test, which is required before commencing a Danish course
  • The possibilities for public financing of courses for employees and financial compensation if courses are held during working hours
  • We actively participate in business networks i Horsens, Herning and Skanderborg:

    We participate in the ‘Work Live Stay‘ network, which focuses on attracting, receiving and retaining qualified labour.

    We collaborate with business services at the Job centers in our municipalities. We collaborate with a network of educational consultants regarding further and continuing education for adults.

  • We work with companies to attract, upgrade and retain international employees through a focus on a common language, collaboration and communication in the workplace.

    It adds great value to farms in agriculture that foreign agricultural assistants learn Danish. We therefore actively collaborate with the agricultural associations Velas and Sagro, and we contribute to the development of a common language, retention of skilled employees and better task solving in agriculture.

    There is a major shortage of qualified labor in the care and care industry. We actively collaborate with the municipalities on linguistic upskilling of candidates for health education, students at the sosu schools as well as further training of employees in care.

Cooperation with municipalities

We collaborate with the municipalities on giving new international residents Danish competencies and an understanding of Danish society and Danish culture

We provide efficient and flexible Danish education for new citizens

We ensure new citizens the language skills to communicate in Danish at work and in everyday life. We strengthen the cultural understanding of  written and unwritten rules at the labor market and in the local community.

Our Danish education is employment-oriented and individually adapted, while it also prepares for state-controlled tests and exams. We have a clear educational profile with an aim of creating coherence between learning, working and living as a citizen in Denmark.

We offer Danish Education on weekdays, evenings and Saturdays all year round, including school holidays. The teaching can be organised as traditional group teaching with in-class activities, as online teaching, or as a combination of in-class and online teaching.

We also offer teaching at companies and educational institutions.

Collaboration with educational institutions

We are specialised in teaching international students and highly educated professionals, and we cooperate with universities, academies  and vocational educational institutions.

VIA University College and Aarhus University

We collaborate with VIA University College and Aarhus University. Our courses provide students with Danish skills and an understanding of Danish culture. This opens doors for them in Danish society and creates opportunities for pursuing a career in Denmark.

Social and Health School Fredericia-Vejle-Horsens

We collaborate with the Social and Health School Fredericia-Vejle-Horsens, where our reading and writing courses support students with Danish as a second language in completing their education.


Would you like to become part of a workplace where respect, development and job satisfaction are fundamental values?

We respect and recognize the resources, motivation and knowledge that each student brings. Therefore, our teaching is based on the level, needs and individual goals of our students.

We have high expectations for each individual student and encourage concentration and perseverance. It also means that we are ambitious for each individual and expect the student to take co-responsibility for their learning goals.

The well-being for both students and staff is fundamental as the language center is based on people’s efforts. We believe that appreciative social communities are important  for learning and development. Sprogcenter Midt is therefore not only a good place to learn, but also a good place to be.

You are always welcome to send an unsolicited application to one of our education managers. For contact information, please click here

Become a volunteer

Would you like to spend a few hours per week making a difference for new internationals in Denmark? Then become a volunteer with us.

Our students come from all over the world and can be refugees, international workers, students, spouses or au pairs.

As a volunteer, you become an important person for our students’ path into Danish society. You help to strengthen the student’s Danish skills and increase their knowledge of Denmark in general. But you will also benefit from being a volunteer yourself – this is the experience many others have had. You will learn something new, develop your skills, expand your network and meet exciting people from abroad.

As a volunteer you must hold high social competencies

  • You are curious and ask open questions so that the students get to talk as much as possible during the time with you
  • You contribute with good energy, presence, openness and the ability to listen
  • You are curious to meet people from other parts of the world


We collaborate with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC). Therefore, as a volunteer, you have a contract, insurance and can participate in courses offered by the Danish Refugee Council. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, please contact one of our education managers. For contact information, please click here.

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