About Danish Education

Free Danish lessons for you who have come to Denmark within the last five years

The Danish courses are divided into  three Danish educations: DU1, DU2 and DU3. Each Danish education consists of 5-6 modules, and each module ends with a test. The last module ends with an exam in Danish.

We offer all new students an interview with a counsellor that ensures that you are assigned to the right Danish education and level.

The three Danish educations are adapted to the participants’ school background, whether you speak a language other than your mother tongue, your expectations for your own efforts and goals with the teaching.

    • Is for you who have very little or no your home country, and for you who have not learned the Latin alphabet previously
    • You learn Danish to be able to talk to your colleagues and manager in a Danish workplace and participate actively in Danish society, for example when you shop, talk to the staff at school or kindergarten, go to the doctor, or talk to your work colleagues
    • The teaching is mostly oral, but you must also learn to write messages, fill in forms and read lighter texts
    • Is for you who have a short or medium school background from your home country and who know the Latin alphabet.
    • You learn Danish to talk to your colleagues and leaders in a Danish workplace and participate actively in Danish society. You will gain language skills to participate in short education and courses in Danish.
    • In teaching, the focus is on speaking and understanding Danish in everyday life. You also learn to write and read texts and messages and get a good knowledge of Denmark and the Danish culture, and the Danish labour market.
    • Is for you who have a longer education from your home country. You also have a good knowledge of one or more European languages and know the grammatical terms.
    • You learn Danish to be able to solve your tasks and collaboration in a Danish workplace and to be able to participate in courses and education in Danish.
    • In the teaching at DU3, the focus is on all language disciplines: Reading, writing, speaking and listening. Pronunciation and grammar are fixed elements. At the beginning levels, the topics relate to your everyday life. Later, we discuss current topics, watch movies, read newspaper articles and so on.

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