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If you are eligble to have your Danish education payed by your local municipality, you must pay a deposit of DKK 2,000 before you can start your lessons.

You will get your deposit back if you pass your module within the specified time frames.

When you come to Denmark as an employee or student, you must pay a deposit before you can start Danish lessons. The deposit is paid to the language center where you want Danish lessons. If you are an au pair, you do not have to pay a deposit.

You can get your deposit back if you pass your module within the specific time frames. Therefore, you can’t get your deposit back if you haven’t passed your module.

If you have not passed your module within the specific time frame and wish to continue with Danish lessons, you must pay a new deposit.

The time frames for the deposit are:

Module 1Module 2Module 3Module 4Module 5Module 6
6 months6 months7 months8 months9 months9 months

    • * Mandatory

      Please do not state your card no. If you have a foreign bank, you must state the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT-address.

      It might take 30 days to refund your deposit.

      I want my deposit refunded

    The digital Sprogcenter Midt

    When you learn Danish at Sprogcenter Midt, digital communication with the teacher and fellow students, digital learning plans and digital materials are an essential part of your Danish course. You will find all you need at the digital learning platform.

    Before you start your Danish course, you must download Google Classroom, Google Drive, Google Docs and  Google Meet. You must also download our Sprogcenter Midt app. At this site you can get all the information you need about downloading the apps. 

    In Google Classroom you can see your homework, your lesson plan and messages from your teacher.

    In the Sprogcenter Midt app, you must notify your teacher if you can’t come to the lesson, you can see the date for your next module test, and you can see your schedule.

    When you start with us, you get free access to materials that you can freely access when and where it suits you.

    On our student intranet you can find e-books with reading comprehension tasks, listening exercises, dictations and grammar exercises. Here you will also find our school calendar.

    On our DU1 website you can find short videos with dialogues, listening exercises and self-correcting tasks where you can practice new vocabulary.

    Attendance policy

    You are obliged to attend class and we expect you to attend all classes.

    Your municipality pays for your Danish education. It costs an average of DKK 80,000. Therefore, you are obliged to attend. We expect you to attend all classes.

    It means:

    • that you will be disenrolled if you are often absent
    • that you must always notify absence in the Sprogcenter Midt app if you cannot attend class
    • that you must always contact the school/your counsellor if you need to take a break
    • that you risk losing benefits from the municipality if you do not attend.

    Download our Sprogcenter Midt app in App Store or Play Store – find out how to do at this site.

    Please watch our video on how to use the app.

    Learn Danish fast

    You have decided to learn Danish and are ready for a challenge. We help you through and support you in reaching your goals. But what can you do yourself, apart from taking care of your classes and your homework? Here are a few tips and tricks:

    • With your family, with your neighbour, your friends or work colleagues. Don’t be nervous about making mistakes or worried about how you sound. People around you understand that you are in process and will recognize you for your efforts.

    • The more words you can collect in your personal dictionary, the better. In part, these are the words you have to use in everyday life and you become more confident in their use by using them often. In part, your personal dictionary makes it possible for you to practice when you’re on the train, while you’re waiting for your friends or when you’re lying on the beach.

    • It will help you to understand and separate the sounds, you will learn new words, and above all, you will have something to talk to Danes about when you meet them.

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