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Learn Danish online and get flexibility with tailor-made lesson plans and individual learning goals

Flexible Danish Education

Learn Danish online – in your home or your workplace.

We are specialised in teaching Danish online to you who are highly educated or a student in higher education. We tailor the lesson plan to your needs and give you the opportunity to work independently and systematically with the Danish language.

With us, you get online tuition that matches your level and your language needs. Our courses provide you with language skills and an understanding of Danish culture which opens up opportunities for your life in Denmark.

Danish Online

Learn Danish with Danish Online if you are a highly educated professional, academic or student in higher education.

With Danish Online, you are assigned a class where you weekly meet virtually with your teacher and fellow learners of Danish at corresponding level. During the week you work independently with your new vocabulary, exercises and assignments.

With Danish Online, you learn Danish 100 % online. It takes a lot of self-discipline, but you are not alone.

In Danish Online, you have tuition, feedback and support from the teacher on a weekly basis.  Each week, you do your homework and prepare for the next lessons. Your teacher will guide you all the way and will give you verbal and written feedback. You also have an online community of fellow learners of Danish. Together, you learn about the structures of the language, and you practise and improve your Danish skills.

You get access to our digital learning platform, where you receive and submit assignments and get feedback from your teacher. Here you can also access videos, teaching material, extra exercises, links and audio files which are adapted to your level.

Danish Online gives you language skills and an understanding of Danish culture, which opens up opportunities for your life in Denmark.

  • You learn Danish to communicate better in everyday life – also at a Danish workplace
  • You get an in-depth understanding of the Danish language through instructions, exercises and individual feedback
  • You develop your skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing, while you also learn about Danish culture and Danish society

Danish Online is for you who are placed at Danish Education 3 and can work independently. In order to learn Danish with Danish Online, you must be able to attend class each time and do the homework, which your teacher continuously gives you. In addition, it is important that you have a Danish network, so you can practise the Danish you have learned.

We offer Danish Online to all modules on Danish Education 3.

If your conditions or preferences change, you can change your course after passing a moduletest. Read more about our courses during the day, in the evening or on Saturdays here.

  • Before you can start at Danish Online, you must take an interview with our counsellor. The interview is your guarantee that you start in a class that suits your level and your goals. During the interview we also inform you about our digital learning platform and apps.

    If you have lived in Denmark for less than 5 years, Danish lessons might be free for you. Read more here. Prior to the interview, we clarify whether you can have the Danish lessons paid for by your municipality. Therefore we ask for your CPR no. when you register.

    If you are entitled to free Danish lessons, you must pay a deposit of DKK 2,000 before starting class. You can get the deposit back if you pass your module test within a certain time frame. Read more about the deposit here.

  • We offer classes at all modules at Danish Education 3. All classes meet online on Tuesdays at 17 to 19.30.

    Each module concludes with a module test apart from module 5 which concludes with Exam in Danish 3. You must be able to attend the module test in person at one of our departments or at one of our business partners.

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    2 May 2023Tuesday
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    15 August 2023Tuesday
    Alle modules1 August 2023Registrate here
    10 October 2023Tuesday
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    26 September 2023Registrate here
  • With Danish Online, you meet online each week with your teacher and fellow students. It takes place on Tuesdays at 17-19.30. The virtuel class is on computer only and therefore you must have a computer available and preferably a headset with a microphone. During the week, you must do exercises and prepare for the next lessons.

    Prior to the first online meeting, your teacher will send you an email with an invitation to the meeting. At the meeting, you will get an introduction to our digital learning platform and your teaching plan. Prior to the meeting, you must download the apps for our digital learning platform.

Kickstart your stay in Denmark

Have you just moved to Denmark or are you planning to move to do so? Our KICKSTART online course prepares you for a perfect start to your new life in Denmark.

With KICKSTART you will get an introduction to the Danish language, gain indispensable knowledge about Danish culture and values, and get useful tips and tricks on what you can do to make you feel at home in Denmark

Sign up for our KICKSTART online course if you aim for a basic understanding of Denmark as a country and the way of the Danes. With KICKSTART you get:

  • Danish language for first conversations in Danish with 15 lessons, divided into 5 different topics and with a basic grammar to support your understanding of the Danish language.
  • Indispensable knowledge about Danish culture and values ​​in the e-book Danish Culture is an “extreme”. You will get plenty of examples of how Danish culture and values are expressed in Danish society.
  • Tips from four internationals who have moved to Denmark before you. You have the opportunity to benefit from their experiences of what you can do to thrive in Denmark.

When you sign up for KICKSTART, you get access to a unique and exclusive platform for 3 months. You get your private login and can access the platform from the login at the top of the website when and where it suits you.

Access KICKSTART with Chrome on PC, Mac, iOS or Android.

Price: DKK 450.

  • Get ready to meet the Danes at work, at study and in leisure. Learn Danish for the first conversations and pronunciation of letters and numbers. You can repeat dialogues and exercises as many times as you want and you can record and evaluate your pronunciation yourself. You will learn dialogues for:

    • Greetings, letters and numbers
    • Presentation
    • Work or study
    • Shopping
    • Going out
    • Grammar

    Get a taste of our Danish lessons.
    The Danish lessons are structured systematically and you get feedback all the way.

    • In the first part, you will be introduced to new vocabulary through a video where you can watch, listen and read a dialogue. You can then practice the new vocabulary by recording and listening to yourself.
    • In the second part, you can practice the vocabulary through various self-correcting tasks.
    • In the third part, you participate in a dialogue. You can record yourself asking or answering the relevant questions in the dialogue.
  • Danish culture and values ​​differ significantly in certain aspects from other countries in Europe. Did you know, for example, that 86% of Danes trust people of another nationality and that 92% of Danes fully trust their neighbours?

    The e-book Danish culture is an “extreme” introduces you to how certain values ​​play a prominent role in Denmark:

    1. On Equality: Why shouldn’t you think you are anything special in Denmark?
    2. On Trust: Why is Denmark a network of networks that you are not part of… yet?
    3. On Independence: Why are Danes a collective of individuals?
    4. On Privacy: Why should you keep calm and NOT knock on your neighbour’s door?
    5. On Humor: Why is Danish Humor so dark and ironic?

    When you have read the book, you can test your new knowledge with a quiz.

    The author of the book is Anatolie Cantir, who is a lecturer in Cultural Understanding at VIA University College. Visit his LinkedIn profile here

  • Are you curious about what it is like to live as an international in Denmark? Why not get inspired by experiences and tips from others who have done it before you?

    Hear the experiences of four internationals of how to get a good life in Denmark. They share with you in a total of 8 videos their tips to what you can do yourself to thrive in Denmark.

    A brief presentation of the four internationals:

    Samuel Komitov

    Samuel Komitov comes from Spain and
    studies Global Business Engineering
    at VIA University College, Horsens.

    Diana Rezac

    Diana Rezac comes from the Czech Republic
    and graduated in Design & Business from VIA
    University College Herning. She now works
    as a Marketing Trainee at Actona Group.

    Tudor Panaitescu

    Tudor Panaitescu comes from Romania and
    is a structural engineer from VIA University
    College, Horsens. Together with some fellow
    students, he has started his own company,

    Gloria Gancheva

    Gloria Gancheva comes from Bulgaria and
    graduated in Value Chain Management from
    VIA University College. She now works as a
    Warehouse Assistant Manager at Steel
    Products A/S.

Get ready for the Study Test

Are you planning to apply for an education at a Danish college or university, or do you need to get papers on your language skills? Then the Study Test might be something for you.

On the course “Get ready for the Study Test” you work with subjects of a humanistic, historical, scientific and current nature.

The course prepares you for the Study Test and gives you the knowledge, language skills and vocabulary you need.

The purpose of ‘Get ready for the Study Test’ is that you can

  • communicate by using coherent, nuanced and complex language
  • maintain an academic discussion by arguing, concluding and perspective
  • extract information and understand texts that are formulated in a nuanced and complex language
  • apply your knowledge of and experience with cultural and social conditions in Denmark
  • For registration, please go to the Danish site

  • Please ask at your local Jobcenter whether you are entitled to have the course paid for. To get a referral, you must be within the 5-year period of Danish education right and have completed PD3 with high grades.

    If you want to take the study test as a private individual, the price for ‘Get ready for the study test’ is DKK 6.560  + test fee.

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