“Hoe gat het? Het gaat goet…”

Easter this year was something very special for the 55 employees who went on a study trip to Utrecht in the Netherlands 🤩. After covid-19, decline in the language center area and challenges in general, it was a bit like when the cows come to pasture again in the spring. An experience of joy, anticipation, spring freshness and hopla mood. Being able to give time and full attention to the collegial gathering again through shared experiences and professional input from “the world out there” was like stepping out into the fresh clear spring light again. So we can say without delay: “Het gaat goet!”

🔸 Visits to three different language schools gave renewed inspiration for teaching
🔸 Plan Einstein Center gave an insight into how integration is worked in interaction with local areas
🔸 A crash course in Dutch reminded us as linguists of where we stand when learning a new language
🔸 A presentation on integration policy, the labor market and cultural differences from the Danish embassy ensured that we took home food for thought.

Most of us probably expect that the Netherlands is essentially similar to what we know here in Denmark, but in fact there are big differences🧐.

Thanks to our hosts Sagènn, Volksuniversiteit Utrecht, Queridon – inburgeren door mee te doen og Plan Einstein Haydn

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