First students in Studenterhus Aarhus to pass Exam in Danish 3

Congratulations to all the students from our classes in Studenterhus Aarhus, who in December passed the final Exam in Danish 3🇩🇰 

Two of them are Mariève Chouinard and Daniel G. Marques.

Daniel says: “In the beginning, learning Danish was just as important to me as finishing my master’s degree. I wanted to learn Danish to find work and to read my girlfriend’s poetry.” Now Daniel finds that he more easily can get a Danish network. “It’s easier to be a part of social relationships because – when you know Danish and have self-confidence – there is not so much difference between people.”

Mariève says. “I want to stay in Denmark and find a job, so it was important for me to learn Danish. It provides more opportunities for jobs, to participate in social communities and to understand the culture better.” Mariève has already experienced that the Danish language has made it easier for her to talk to customers in her student job and to understand some of her Danish friends better.

Mariève and Daniel are among the first students in Studenterhus Aarhus, whom Sprogcenter Midt has led all the way to the Exam in Danish 3. Since autumn 2020, the teaching has been organised in close collaboration between Sprogcenter Midt and Studenterhus Aarhus. All the international students at Aarhus University benefit from that ❤.

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