Online teaching is an effective and flexible way to learn Danish

In a busy everyday life, it can be difficult to find time to learn Danish. Santiya Thomas participates in one of our ‘Danish Online’ classes, and she has chosen pure online teaching because, with its flexibility, it fits perfectly into Santiya’s everyday life.

Santiya says: “I have a full-time job and commute every day between Ikast and Viborg, so it is not easy for me to find time to go to language school. That is why I have chosen to learn Danish online, because I can organize myself when I want to focus on learning Danish.”

At ‘Danish Online’, the students meet virtually with their teacher once a week, and in addition, homework and assignments must be done every week. It requires discipline from the students, but their teacher supports them all the way and provides verbal and written feedback. It suits Santiya perfectly. She says: “I think you can learn a lot at ‘Danish Online’ because there is a strong structure with a weekly lesson plan, which consists of teaching materials and assignments. If you follow it and set aside the time to learn Danish at home, then that and the weekly online meeting with your teacher and class is an effective way to learn Danish.”

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