Methods that work

Continuing education for all our teachers in Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL) has a significant impact on our students’ learning. When both newly trained and experienced teachers delve into this approach, refining their methods and cultivating their teaching techniques, it results in growth and improved quality.

We asked two of ourteachers what the SFL training provides them:

“With SFL, you immerse yourself in language,” says teacher Lasse Skotvig Hansen. “You hear and read the same words many times, but in new contexts that create progress. The method breaks down teaching into many small steps, each involving a simple task. This allows for discussion of individual words in each sentence, even those that might be overlooked in traditional teaching. Texts can be organized into charts, lists, and tables, making the language pleasantly manageable. I believe it provides a secure foundation for our students.”

Lasse concludes, “I intend to practice these techniques and implement them in the classroom. As a new teacher, it’s reassuring to teach using a systematic approach where the method guides the order and pace.”

Teacher Louise Kristensen adds, “As a teacher, it’s always a gift to expand one’s didactic and methodological toolkit. SFL provides me with a functional tool and a system that complements and enhances my second language instruction. I am eagerly looking forward to trying out the concrete scaffolding methodologies, especially with Danskuddannelse 1, which is a unique group to teach.”

Louise concludes, “During the fall, I will incorporate selected aspects of SFL into my practice with the aim of preparing our students for the final Dansk1 Exam.”

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