Instructive conversations and exciting Nordic cooperation

We have just had a visit from a group of teachers and the principal from Tønsberg Læringssenter in Norway. They are working with Norwegian as a second language and they are learning to use SFL – an approach to learning that we have been working with for a few years. After a theoretical course, they are now visiting us to see the methods unfolded in practice. SFL, systemic functional linguistics, is what we want to be known for. It is an approach with the student at the center, where all learning takes place in context and builds a bridge to the students’ experiences.

Thanks for the visit to Tabita Christine Brandt, Miriam Borg, Solfrid Wilme and Line Rognerud from Tønsberg – and thanks to Julie Holst Rasmussen and Mette Frost Olesen from Sprogcenter Midt for sharing your great SFL experience and for opening the doors to your teaching ❤.

2016 1512 Sprogcenter Midt