We are proud and humble

Learning is a mental process about jeopardizing oneself, experimenting, wondering and challenging oneself. Learning is an individual cognitive as well as a social process, which often requires “blood, sweat and tears”, but where you can also seriously achieve a sense of personal pride and satisfaction.

Decisive for every good learning process is, of course, how one concretely experiences the context in which one learns. This can, for example, be about how one is greeted by the employees or one’s class or how one experiences one’s teachers, the quality of the teaching and the physical environment, etc.

At Sprogcenter Midt, we always seek to be in close ongoing dialogue with our students about how they experience attending Sprogcenter Midt. The teachers continuously evaluate their teaching with the students, and every year we carry out a large quantitative measurement of the satisfaction of all our students.

In 2022, the satisfaction survey showed that 93-95% of our course participants at the departments in Herning, Horsens and Skanderborg are either satisfied or very satisfied with us. It is a result we are both proud of and humbled by.

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