SCM Combi – combine online and

in-class tuition

If you want to qualify for a job in Denmark it is essential that you learn Danish

  • Learn Danish in an innovative and flexible way
  • Speak, read, listen and write Danish for particular contexts and situations
  • Learn Danish in a motivating and engaging classroom environment
  • Learn Danish through instructions, exercises and feedback from experienced and committed teachers

Our courses focus on work-related Da­nish to improve your opportunity for getting a job or an internship in Den­mark.

The beginners course (module 1) focu­ses on basic, spoken Danish. By adding more modules, you will obtain an over­all understanding of the Danish langu­age and culture. The full course includes 5 modules.

Combine in-class tuition and individual online tuition

In-class tuition
3-4 lessons once a week

At the in-class lessons you can

  • practise your verbal language and receive feedback on pronunciation
  • meet, collaborate and share ideas with other students at the same level as you

Individual online tuition
Equivalent to 3-4 lessons per week

With our digital platform Google Classroom, you can

  • view lesson plans, instructional videos and assignments for each online session
  • submit your hand-ins for the week and get individual feedback from your teacher
  • access a wide selection of supplementary materials and relevant links.

REQUIREMENTS for participating

  • You have been referred to DU3 module 1 or 2
  • You are prepared to invest at least six to eight hours per week learning Danish
  • You are willing to complete your module with a module test at Sprogcenter Midt

More information


Counsellor Aino Lykke Riis
+45 2911 2510 | +45 7625 9925


Counsellor Anne Skjoldan
+45 2653 7934 | +45 7625 9938


A deposit DKK 2,000 if you are entitled to Danish classes.
Refundable if you pass the module test.