For students at VIA University College looking for job opportunities, internship and good social life

In Denmark you can study using English and you can do your shopping – but if you want to qualify for a good job in Denmark it is essential that you learn the Danish language.

We, at language school Sprogcenter Midt, are here to help you with this challenge. We offer flexible programmes for international students on Danish language, Danish culture and Danish business life for both beginners and advanced learners. You can join classes in the daytime, evenings or on Saturdays.

The Danish Programmes

For beginners we offer the DU-Danish Basic programme. Once you have completed this programme you may continue with DU-Danish Advanced (full programme) or FVU-Danish (reduced programme).

Sprogcenter Midt will be present at VIA Campus Horsens within the first month of the semester and our counsellors will help you to decide which Danish course is right for you.

How Much Does It Cost to Learn Danish?

For DU-Danish Basic and DU-Danish Advanced there is a module fee of DKK 2,000.

It is individual how fast you learn a new language. It depends of your own study effort in class and at home, doing homework and using online self-study software. Therefore, the price is also individual – but most students can finish DU-Danish Basic in two modules, total of DKK 4,000. Nevertheless, if you work hard you might be able to finish in one module, total of DKK 2,000.

  • If our counsellor assesses your Danish level sufficient, once you have finished DU-Danish Basic, it will be possible to continue with FVU-Danish, which is a Danish programme free of charge.
  • If you wish to obtain a higher level of Danish (both spoken and written), you can choose to continue with DU-Danish Advanced, which also cost DKK 2,000 per module. The total price depends on which module you start and finish at.

Therefore, it is individual how much it costs to learn Danish. However, once you have finished DU-Danish Baisc, our counsellors can tell you what to expect.

All international students must pay a deposit of DKK 1,250 before you can begin Danish lessons. The deposit is refundable upon request once you have completed the Danish programme.

Diana Gorbenko is a former student at VIA University College.


Diana Gorbenko, Support Service Specialist at company ABB A/S, says:

-One of the reasons I got the job was that I knew a little Danish, and one of the things I had to do was to become fluent in Danish while I am working. So, every day I speak Danish with my colleagues and clients. I think people respect you a lot more if you try to speak Danish.

I know there are many students that struggle to get jobs because they didn’t take the time to learn Danish.

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