The Best Ways to Learn Danish

Use your learning goals actively

You can do a lot yourself to learn more effectively.

Learning is a keyword at our language school. Together with you, we continuously assess what you need to learn, how far you are, and how to proceed. It is important for your learning that you understand your goals and focus on them.

Use the learning center wisely

Part of our teaching takes place in a learning center. Here you will find teachers who can help you, but you must be active and constantly evaluate what you need to train. In the learning center you can work alone or with others.

Attend all your lessons

Attendance for both teaching and study centers is compulsory. If you are absent, we are required to record it and send the information to the municipal authority who pays for your education.

Remember your homework

We expect you to do homework and work with your Danish learning also outside school.

In school you learn and outside school you practice.

If you are absent from class, you should check the app for information about homework or you should contact a classmate so that you do not get behind.