SCM Speed is intensive Danish for 3 weeks

Prepare yourself for an internship and a career in Denmark

Learn Danish fast during your summerbreak – online self-studies and in the classroom

Combine in-class tuition with online self-studies

In-class tuition
at Sprogcenter Midt, Horsens
3 lessons per day,
all weekdays
45 lessons
At in-class tuition you can

  • practice your verbal language and receive feedback on pronunciation
  • meet, collaborate and share ideas with other students at the same level as you
Online self-studies
42 lessons
At online self-study tuition you can

  • view lesson plans, instructional videos and assignments for each online session
  • submit your hand-ins for the week and get individual feedback from your teacher
  • access a wide selection of supplementary materials and relevant links

Requirements  for participating

  • You are prepared to invest at least six hours per day in learning Danish
  • You can set aside some time for extra homework each week
  • You can commit to completing the module with a module test at Sprogcenter Midt

Digital platform

We use Google Suite for Education


Registration Register
Deadline 22 May 2022
Level Intermediate (module 2 and 3)
Period 27 June-15 July 2022
Mandatory module test 15 July 2022
In-class tuition, all weekdays From 9.00-11.30am

Sprogcenter Midt, Emil Møllers Gade 30, Horsens

Price Free, if entitled to Danish tuition.
A deposit of DKK 2,000 is charged. Refundable when module test is passed.

more information

Counsellor Aino Lykke Riis
+45 2911 2510