Danish for students at The Royal Academy of Music

In cooperation with The Royal Academy of Music and Studenterhus Aarhus,
we teach you Danish for work and leisure

We are specialized in teaching students at universities and highly trained professionals.
Our courses in certified Danish Education will provide you with language skills and an understanding of Danish culture
which is important for living in the Danish society and pursuing a career in Denmark.

You get Danish lessons on a weekly basis and with the optimal balance of flexibility, efficiency and an appreciative and social learning environment

For further information,
please contact

Anne Skjoldan
Sprogcenter Midt

Learn Danish in an innovative and flexible way

Learn Danish through instructions, exercises and feedback from experienced and committed teachers

Evaluate your Danish skills with module tests held in Studenterhus Aarhus and conclude your course after five modules with the state approved Exam in Danish

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SCM Combi
Level Beginners

If intermediate level, please contact counsellor Anne Skjoldan

Period Week 43-49, 2021
and week 2-6, 2022
Module test February 8, 2022
Price Free, if entitled to Danish tuition.
A deposit of DKK 2,000 is charged. Refundable when module test is passed.
Please notice Please send documentation of your affiliation to The Royal Academy of Music to Gitte Vandel Knudsen: gitte.k@sprogcentermidt.dk.

We have developed different courses in order to suit
your individual needs and learning style


A combination of in-class and online self-study tuition, 3 lessons of each

In-class tuition is held at The Royal Academy of Music Aarhus Tuesday afternoon. Online tuition is mandatory but flexible. Online tuition is accessible at our digital platform Google Suite for Education. The course is open to students at The Royal Academy of Music. Workload pr week: 6 lessons + homework.

At in-class tuition you can
  • practise your verbal language and receive feedback on pronunciation
  • meet, collaborate and share ideas with other students at the same level as you
At online self-study tuition you can
  • view lesson plans, instructional videos and assignments for each online session
  • submit your hand-ins for the week and get individual feedback from your teacher
  • access a wide selection of supplementary materials and relevant links

SCM Combi is open for students at The Royal Academy of Music

Please send us documentation of your affiliation to The Royal Academy of Music.
Documentation is required in order to request the referral to our Danish course at Jobcenter Aarhus. Documentation can be a copy of your letter of enrollment to The Royal Academy of Music or it can be a copy of both sides of your student card. You can send it either as a document or as a photo from your phone. Please send it directly to Gitte Vandel Knudsen: gitte.k@sprogcentermidt.dk

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Digital platform

We use Google Suite for Education:

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tuition here

Generel information

International students and expats in Denmark are entitled to Danish tuition paid by their municipality in a limited period of 5 years from their arrival in Denmark.

When you register, you will be asked to pay a deposit of DKK 2,000. The deposit is refundable when you pass a test on your level within the given time frames.

Please find further information here.