Pre Arrival Courses

– Released 1 August 2022

Have you just moved to Denmark or do you plan to do so?

Our Pre Arrival online courses prepare you to a perfect start to your new life in Denmark. You get amusing introductions to the Danish language, indispensable knowledge of Danish culture and values as well as useful tips and tricks to what you can do to quickly feel at home in Denmark.

Pre Arrival gives you

15 lessons of introduction to the Danish language

The focus is on pronunciation and dialogues, so you can get ready to meet Danes at work, at study and in your spare time. There is a great variety so you can train your skills in different ways and you can evaluate for yourself whether you have reached your goals.

  • Videoes with dialogues
  • Listening exercises and reading assignments
  • Make your own dialogues and check your pronunciation

12 lessons of indispensable knowledge of Danish culture and values

Presented with lots of examples, links and photos as well as a quiz to test yourself and your understanding.

9 recommendations

Recommendations from international students, job seekers and expats who have gained experience with life in Denmark and want to share with you what you can do to thrive in Denmark.

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