FVU is for you who already know a little Danish, but want to learn more, maybe because you are

  • working and face difficulties with the Danish language in your daily life?
  • you want to prepare for an education or a course?
  • are no longer entitled to ordinary DU-Danish?

FVU at several levels?

We offer FVU-Start and FVU at step 1-4. In the teaching we start with what you need:

  • improve your spoken Danish (FVU-Start)
  • improve your reading skills and vocabulary
  • learn to spell the words correctly by knowing the letter sounds and spelling rules
  • understand Danish grammar better so you can write texts for different situations

FVU is free.


FVU-Start is for you who know Danish at a level equivalent to Danish 1 module 6. At this level, you will learn oral and written Danish. FVU-Start prepares you for FVU step 1.

FVU-Start consists of 40-80 lessons.

FVU steps 1-4

In all 4 steps you work with Danish everyday language. You learn to spell words, to read and understand texts and to write and use texts.

The texts can e.g. be instructions, messages, letters, e-mails, magazines and newspapers or texts from your own workplace.

You start on the step that corresponds with your Danish level. The course has 4 steps, each lasting 40-80 lessons. Each step is concluded with a test.

Before you start with FVU you will be screened by our counsellor. This is a small test that shows your Danish level.

Options with FVU

FVU step 4:

  • You can apply for admission to vocational educations
  • Can be used in application for citizenship

FVU step 2:

  • Can be used to apply for permanent residence permit