FVU-start and FVU-Danish are free courses for students who already have some Danish language skills and would like to learn more. These courses are based on the kind of language you will use at work and in your everyday life.


FVU-start is for students who can already have a conversation in Danish but who lack a wide vocabulary and often make mistakes.
At FVU-start you will learn written and spoken Danish that is relevant to your everyday life.

  • You will expand your vocabulary and improve your pronunciation
    You will learn about phonology and spelling, and you will become better at spelling words correctly
    You will read and write short texts

FVU-start consists of 40–80 lessons. You can progress to FVU-Danish Level 1 if you pass the test at the end of FVU-start.


FVU-Danish is for students who have already passed FVU-start or who are at an equivalent level. You should be able to hold short conversations in Danish and read/write emails.
FVU-Danish places particular focus on reading, writing and using different kinds of texts that you will come across in your everyday life. Such texts might be, for example, noticeboard posts, letters, emails, magazines, newspapers or texts from your workplace.

  • You will expand your vocabulary and become better at expressing yourself
    You will learn Danish grammar to help you write correctly
    You will learn how to read and comprehend texts more quickly
    You will also be able to prepare for an educational programme or course delivered in Danish

You can begin at whichever level suits you best. Each level consists of 40–80 lessons. You can finish each level with a test.


Before starting an FVU course, you will first need to take a short test to establish your level.


  • use your level two pass certificate when applying for your permanent residence permit.
  • apply for admission to a vocational training programme once you have completed level four.
  • use your level four pass certificate in your application for Danish citizenship.