FVU-maths is a free course for students who want to study mathematics in Danish.

To participate in FVU-maths, you need to be able to hold short conversations in Danish and read/write emails.

What will you learn at FVU maths?

  • You will improve your numeracy, arithmetic and learn about basic mathematical concepts.
  • You will learn math-related language that will help you understand and recite mathematical
    problems both verbally and in writing.
  • You will learn to solve mathematical equations and problems from your everyday life; e.g. from
    newspapers, your workplace and your home life.

FVU maths at different levels

FVU-maths is divided into two levels: Level one and level two.
You can begin at whichever level suits you best. Each level consists of 40–80 lessons.
You can finish each level with a test.

More opportunities with FVU maths

You can use your level two pass certificate when applying for admission to a vocational training programme.

We offer FVU maths at our schools in Horsens, Herning and Skanderborg