Why do I need a Danish cpr.no. for registration?

If you hold a Danish cpr.no. and have been in Denmark for less than 5 years, you might be eligible to have your Danish course paid by your municipality.

Can I participate in the Danish course without a Danish cpr.no.?

If you do not have a Danish cpr. no. you can choose to pay for the Danish course yourself. Please contact us for further information regarding price and conditions.

Can I participate, when living outside Denmark?

Yes, but if you do not hold a Danish cpr. no. you must pay for the course before you can start. Please contact us for further information. If you hold a Danish cpr.no, you must come to Denmark to attend your test, on the scheduled date.

When and how do I pay the deposit?

You can pay the deposit via our webpage or via MobilePay. You will get detailed information at the interview. You must pay the deposit minimum one week before you wish to start the course.

How is the virtual face-to-face with the teacher organized?

Your teacher organizes virtual face-to-face with the students on a weekly basis according to your needs and your levels. The teacher will organize virtual face-to-face in groups of 2-7 students at the same level. Usually face-to-face is taking place between 4pm and 8pm on a specific weekday, mostly for 30-90 minutes at a time.

What happens if I can’t attend the virtual face-to-face?

If you cannot attend once in a while, please make agreements with your teacher. Your teacher will instruct you how to do your online self-studies. If you cannot participate in virtual face-to-face in general, then Danish Remote is not the right offer for you.

For how long is the course?

Before you start the course, you make agreements regarding the module test. If you are a beginner at module 1, the test will be after 10-14 weeks. For module 2-5 the test is after 14-18 weeks. After passing the test, you can continue the course on the next module. If you do not wish to continue or you need a pause after passing the test, please contact your student counsellor.

Where and when is the test?

It is important that you can attend the test at one of our departments in Horsens, Herning or Skanderborg or at Studenterhus Aarhus. You will automatically be signed up for a test and be informed of the specific time (late afternoon/evening) and place (on agreement at the interview) with a week’s notice. Please contact your counsellor if you prefer a test during the day. In Horsens, we also have test on Saturdays.

What happens if I cannot complete the course?

If you need a pause from Danish Remote, you must contact your student counsellor. If you haven’t contacted us, we assume that you will get ready for the test as agreed. You must pass the test within the given timeframe in order to have your deposit back and in order to keep your opportunity of having your course paid by your municipality. Please contact your counsellor for further information about the conditions of the course.