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The Danish programme for international employees and students at Sprogcenter Midt consists of three Danish courses as shown in the model below.

You start with DU-Danish Basic. To decide which Danish course is right for you, you will be invited to an interview with our counsellor before you start.

DU-Danish Basic finishes with a test. Once you have completed this you may choose to continue with DU-Danish Advanced or FVU-Danish. Your counsellor will help you choose witch programme suits you best. If you choose FVU-Danish you counsellor must assess your Danish level.

Learning Danish requires you to commit time to homework and online learning. The more you work with Danish, the faster you will complete the programme – and the cheaper it will be for you.

Danish for refugees

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DU-Danish Basic

DU-Danish Basic is for beginners and is completed with a test.

It is individual how fast you learn a new language. It depends of your own study effort in class and at home, doing homework and using online self-study software. Therefore, the price is also individual – but most students are able to finish DU-Danish Basic in two or three modules. A module costs DKK 2,000 and if you work hard you may be able to manage the programme in one module.

When you begin a programme you must also pay a deposit of DKK 1.250

More information on DU-Danish (in Danish)

DU-Danish Advanced

If you wan to achieve a high level of Danish (spoken and written), you may continue with DU-Danish Advanced after completing DU-Danish Basic.

DU-Danish Advanced (the full programme) consists of several modules, and each module concludes with a test. After the last module you will sit for the final exam in Danish. You recieve tuition several times a week and we plan your teaching and schedule according to your wishes and needs.

DU-Danish Advanced cost DKK 2,000 per module. The total programme price depends on which module you start and finish at.

More information on DU-Danish (in Danish)


If your counsellor assesses your Danish level adequate after completing DU-Danish Basic you can continue with FVU-Danish.

FVU-Danish (the reduced programme) consists of five steps: FVU-Start and steps 1-4. Each step concludes  with a test. You may receive tuition once or twice a week.

FVU-Danish is free.

More information on FVU-Danish