Selection Criteria

Mandatory Selection Criteria

The applicant must fulfil these three criteria in order to qualify for the scholarship

  • The applicant is either a bachelor’s, master’s or ph.d. student.
  • The applicant is NOT enrolled as a full-degree student in Denmark.
  • The applicant is NOT enrolled as an exchange student at a Danish higher education institution at the time of application for a Danish Summer Language Course.

Other Selection Criteria

These criteria are not mandatory but will improve the applicant’s standing in the selection process.

  • The applicant is nominated by a lecturer who teaches Danish abroad. If you would like to be recommended by a lecturer, be sure to contact the lecturer before you apply. The recommendation letter should be sent together with the application, or as otherwise specified by the course organiser.
  • The applicant studies Danish or Scandinavian languages and literature.
  • The applicant will start an Erasmus+ stay in Denmark immediately following the Danish Summer Language Course.

Sprogcenter Midt reserves the right to consider the distribution of nationalities in the final selection of candidates for the summer language courses. Previous experience has shown that overrepresentation of any nationality in an individual course is not desirable.