Danish classes

Danish classes are aimed at strengthening communicative skills. Tuition is organized around individual and collective language goals of the students.

Classes are based on active participation and will consist of a variety of methods:

  • Dialogues in pair or groups
  • Project and group work
  • Pronunciation and conversation training
  • Grammatical focus points
  • Individual exercises

Assignment and oral presentations

Every week is concluded by an assignment and oral presentations by individuals/groups of projects related to the theme of the week.


Homework is equivalent to 1-2 hours per day and includes reading, writing and exploring aspects of Danish lifestyle by conducting interviews with Danish people.

Learning materials

All learning materials will be accessible at our digital learning platform, where students can download and upload text, audio and videos.

Individual feedback

Individual feedback is provided regularly by the conclusion of every week, and the overall learning outcome will be evaluated towards the end of the programme.


There will be a minimum of 14 students and a maximum of 25 students in class.