Cultural, historical and social activities

Each week offers cultural, historical and social activities in the afternoons and evenings. All activities are held in English.

WEEK 1 – Danish values and traditions

  • Getting to know each other; intercultural meetings
  • Discover the history, architecture and geography of Horsens
  • Learn about ‘Danish values and welfare’ with a lecturer from Aarhus University
  • Explore Danish nature maintenance and protection
  • Visit to the Jelling Monuments – Home of the Vikings

WEEK 2 – Building Danish democracy

  • Explore Odense, the home town of Hans Christian Andersen 
  • Understand the development of the Danish society by understanding treatment of criminals: Visit Fængslet, a former prison, now prison museum
  • Experience The Danish folk high school movement and its founding fathers: Grundtvig/Kold” by a former principal of a folk high school

WEEK 3 – Living and working in Denmark

  • Visit to ARoS art museum – Your Rainbow Panorama in Aarhus 
  • Explore the entrepreneurial environment of Godsbanen, the old railway goods yard in Aarhus, where we meet ”Aarhus Makers”, a creative community of local artists, craftsmen and artisans
  • Meet local politicians and democracy in the local community – visit to the city hall and court house in Horsens
  • Experience a local sport association first handed and understand the role of sport associations for the Danish community

The City of Horsens

The Danish Language Summer Course takes place in Horsens, a city in the eastern part of Jutland just 40 km south of Aarhus. With its nearly 60.000 inhabitants, Horsens is the 8th largest city in Denmark.

Horsens is traditionally a big industrial city and is now one of the fastest growing cities in Jutland. As a growing city, Horsens represents a historical development typical of the Danish society with elements of new and old mixed together.

Horsens has evolved into a city with expanding companies employing international labour. Many study opportunities and a large intake of foreign students from all over the world adds life to the cityscape.

There is a lively and active atmosphere in streets and shops, characterised by great cultural diversity and openness, and there is beautiful nature with amble opportunities for outdoor activities.

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