Additional cultural and social activities

Each week offers additional cultural and social activities in the afternoons and evenings. These activities will provide the students with knowledge, experience and background information for the themes treated in their Danish classes.  

For students with a scholarship, activities in the afternoons and evenings will be part of the full programme. Participation is expected.  

For students in the VIA Summer School, activities in the local community are included in the programme. Participation in activities with additional costs, such as transport or admission fees, is voluntary.  

ARoS Art Museum, photo by Jens Henrik Daugaard

WEEK 1 –
Meeting a new culture: Denmark and the Danes

  • Visits to educational institutions and matching of students  
  • Visit to a Danish family 
  • Visit to a company in Horsens 
  • A hike along the river valley of Vejle Ådal together with volunteers/host families/Danish students 
  • A visit to the Jelling Monuments – Home of the Vikings  
  • Presentations by international staff from companies or organizations situated in and around Horsens regarding their Personal experiences of Danes and Danish workplace culture

WEEK 2 –
Danish values and welfare

  • City walk to explore local architecture (from allotment gardens to the city hall and church buildings) 
  • Visit to ARoS art museum – Your Rainbow Panorama in Aarhus 
  • Visit and presentation of Godsbanen, the old railway goods yard in Aarhus, where we meet ”Aarhus Makers”, a creative community of local artists, craftsmen and artisans 
  • Visit to a nursing home or day-care centre 
  • Presentation of Danish values and welfare by a lecturer from Aarhus University 

WEEK 3 –
Danish democracy

  • Visit to a Danish newspaper publisher – presentation of the role played by newspapers in Danish democracy 
  • Day trip to Odense, the home town of Hans Christian Andersen 
  • Visit to the city hall and court house in Horsens – presentation of democracy in the local community 
  • Visit to a concert or theatre in the company of our volunteers 
  • Presentation of The Danish folk high school movement and its founding fathers: Grundtvig/Kold by a former principal of a folk high school