DANISH REMOTE – Learn Danish online

Choose Danish Remote if you want to learn Danish online in a flexible and individualised way

Danish Remote – 100% online tuition combining face-to-face tuition and online self-study

Tuition is held at our digital platform Google Suite for Education. You will meet face-to-face with your teacher and fellow students at your level every week. Face-to-face takes place approx between 4-8pm and last an average of 30-90 minutes. Workload pr week: 3-4 lessons + homework. The course concludes with a module test at one of our departments.

Danish Remote classes

Module 1 Thursday
Module 2 Tuesday
Module 3 Tuesday
Module 4 Tuesday
Module 5 Wednesday

With Danish Remote you get

  • Flexible tuition – learn from your home
  • Individualised goals and tailored learning plans
  • All levels from A1 to B2
  • Inspiring learning environment with fellow students or other highly educated professionals

We guide you to a smooth start

  • Sign up for an interview here. At the interview, you get more details about the tuition and your learning plan, and you register for the course which fits your level.
  • Normaly you can start 1 to 2 weeks after the interview, and when you have paid the deposit of DKK 2,000.
  • You must download the apps for our digital learning platform to your devices. After the interview and your payment of deposit, we will send you login information to the platform.
  • Your teacher will invite you by email to the first face-to-face meeting. Here get introduction to the digital learning platform and your lesson plan.

At online face-to-face and self-study you can

  • communicate with your teacher about your lesson plan, your assignments/exercises and get individual feedback.
  • watch instructional videos where your teacher presents your exercises and learning objectives
  • practice your oral skills and your pronunciation with your teacher and other students
  • access a wide selection of supplementary materials and relevant links.

Do as Tania – learn Danish online

For further information,
please contact

Counsellor Laura Lemvig Krag

+45 6127 3044

General information
about Danish tuition

All internationals in Denmark are entitled to Danish tuition paid by their municipality in a limited period of 5 years from their arrival in Denmark.

When you register, you will be asked to pay a deposit of DKK 2,000. The deposit is refundable when you pass a test on your level within the given time frames.

Please find further information here.