Sometimes something completely different is needed…

The married couple Nina Piletska and Yuriy Ivancheskul from Ukraine are both blind. This means that both the language and culture in their new country, Denmark, are more challenging to understand and assimilate.

However, Skanderborg Municipality has established Danish lessons as a special offering for the two citizens in collaboration with Sprogcenter Midt. And a unique approach has been taken. Together with their teacher Kirstin, the two blind Ukrainians have visited various places that encapsulate Danish culture, environment, and values.

This includes visits to the local recycling center, the atmospheric Tulstrup Church, and Øm Monastery. Nina and Yuriy have shared all these experiences with Kirstin, and they have developed their Danish language skills in sync with their interactions, dialogue, and experiences. The experiences have been linguistically processed at home in Skanderborg, and the curiosity and linguistic enthusiasm of the two Ukrainians have taken flight.

We are proud that the collaboration with Skanderborg Municipality can yield such initiatives ⭐.

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