Carefully considered digital methods not only benefit the development of students’ digital skills but also contribute positively to the learning community!

That digital methods can help strengthen the learning community is an interesting and surprising aspect of our work in developing digital methods in teaching at Sprogcenter Midt.

Digital tools and methods make it easy to share and collaborate on texts, images, and audio in a natural flow in teaching. Establishing common writing processes and feedback between students and from teacher to student becomes simple in a spontaneous and ongoing manner. This, in turn, results in a strong output and an enhanced learning environment that benefits language learning!

The benefits we observe from thoughtful didactic use of digital methods in language teaching include:

  • Individual students have the opportunity to clearly present their personalities despite language barriers because their own everyday life and experiences can easily be incorporated through digital visual channels.
  • Students invest more when their individual contributions can be widely used for the common good of the class.
  • The digital work done collectively fosters a new openness about individual challenges, which in turn positively impacts learning.
  • Students become empowered co-creators of the teaching process, benefiting motivation, relationships, and learning within the class community.
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